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‘An illuminating memoir of the eighties, nineties and noughties from a gay man who only just survived them.’


Available from Amazon, Blackwells, UK, Foyles, Gay's The WordHive,  The Portobello Bookshop, WH Smith or your favourite bookstore

Signed copies available from Mr BsGay Pride Shop, Queer Lit and The Hastings Bookshop

Also available from Amazon USBarnes&Noble,, Thrift Books and Hares and Hyenas Aus 

Paul Flynn, Evening Standard - ‘Probably the gay book of the year... documents with poetic transparency how coming of age in the 1980s turned him from a plucky young outsider to an accidental power in LGBTQ+ agitprop politics.


Russell T Davies - ‘Paul Burston is the best of us. A great activist, a great journalist, a great man. This memoir is brutally honest, powering through the AIDS crisis, gay shame, addiction, all the way through to hope and redemption. If youre in trouble, read this: Paul shows that you can survive. Wonderful.

Bernardine Evaristo - ‘A compelling and hugely enjoyable memoir about a fearless life lived to the full. From the

groundbreaking gay activism over many decades to the wild years of intoxication and compulsive sex, I so admired Burstons ruthless honesty and brave emotional vulnerability.

Jonathan Harvey - ‘We stand on the shoulders of giants. One of those giants is Paul Burston, and his memoir about his life, his activism, the AIDS crisis, Bowie and much more is told in his own bold, smart, inimitable style.

Janet Ellis - ‘What a book! Honest, vivid, raw, revealing and written with generosity and charisma.

Nicholas Pegg - ‘Whether or not you lived through the same tumultuous times as Paul Burston, and whatever your own triumphs and tragedies along the way, We Can Be Heroes is a book that speaks to us all: a gripping, courageous, compassionate memoir which, like Paul’s hero David Bowie, takes us by the hand and reminds us that we’re not alone.’

Joelle Taylor - What a bloody brilliant piece of work. What a bloody brilliant life. I’m inspired, moved, reminded, held, enraged, and consumed with a strange joy. Just remarkable.

Erin Kelly - ‘Burstons generation of gay men and lesbians are the giants upon whose shoulders todays queer youth stand, and this book sets out his achievements and struggles in unflinching, compassionate, angry and often blackly comic detail. An urgent, unmissable read.

Juno Roche - ‘Paul Burston has been there through years of gay history and struggle, often right on the very front line fighting for space, fighting for others. I read this straight through - couldnt put it down. Its a gorgeous memoir.

John Marrs - ‘I laughed, almost cried and wanted to give the younger Paul the tightest hug... A brutally honest, unflinching memoir and eye witness account of the most important time in our gay British history, from someone who not only lived and survived it, but who helped to shape it. Indispensable.

Louise Swanson - Pauls story is one of trauma, danger, excess and pain, but also one of compassion, strength, fight and bravery. I defy anyone not be moved by this powerful memoir.’ 

Sophia Blackwell - A moving, gossipy, spicy read with pacing that recalls Burstons thrillers and society comedies but with a loving, angry heart all of its own.

Matt Cain - ‘I raced through this wonderful memoir by senior statesman of queer culture, Paul  Burston. Its illuminating, engrossing and electrifying.

Louisa Young - ‘Paul Burston brings London in the 80s roaring back like a fever dream: the romance, the squats, the friends, the deaths, the activism, the clubs, the burning desires. It’s a strong, loving memoir of a very intense time.

Claire Allan - ‘Raw, honest, funny in places and incredibly moving... an unmatched look at into the life of a movement going through hell but never stopping, and of people fighting to be seen and to live their most authentic lives.

Maxine Mei-Fung Chung We Can Be Heroes: A Survivor’s Story is a slamming tour de force that speaks to activism, recovery and everything in-between. Paul’s passion for storytelling is defiant and tender, his refusal to ignore bold topics (AIDS, addiction, shame, grief, trauma) that shroud marginalised voices beyond generous. Read it and step closer to understanding the resilience needed to survive and rise. Read it and be changed.

Bob Hughes, book blogger - ‘At turns deeply moving, at turns hilarious, this is a poignant memoir... with a razor-sharp focus on details of a period of time that was so pivotal for queer lives.


Declan C, reviewer - ‘Pauls wonderful book adds another essential history to the era of LGBTQ activism in the midst of the Aids catastrophe. Frankly, there cant be enough of these personal histories of that time - and this is sure to resonate with audiences who lived through it and the ones that are just learning about the horrors (and inspiration) of that period from shows like Its A Sin.


e Heroes is a fitting homage to those who are no longer here. For the younger generation who take their freedoms for granted, this book is a must read.’


NetGalley reviewer - Paul Burston seems to have lived at least six lives in one and each is worthy of its own biography.

From the early story of a young man moving to the city and coming to terms with his sexuality, to life as an activist during the AIDS crisis, to his later reinvention as a novelist and literary host, this book unfolds at a breakneck speed. There are many difficult issues discussed here and Burston doesnt shy away from the issues affecting his community and indeed his own life but it remains a very human story, even witty at times. A detailed, sometimes funny, often harrowing, always unflinching look at recent British history.


Paul Burston is the author of six novels and five non-fiction books and the editor of two short story collections.

His first book was A Queer Romance (Routledge, 1995) which he co-edited. Three more non-fiction books followed, before he turned to fiction.


His debut novel Shameless (2001) was shortlisted for the State of Britain Award. Lovers & Losers (2007) was shortlisted for a Stonewall Award. The Gay Divorcee (2009) was optioned for TV.

The Black Path (2016) was his first crime novel and became a Number 1 bestseller at WH Smith. This was followed by The Closer I Get (2019), inspired by his own experience of having a stalker.

His most recent book is the critically acclaimed memoir We Can Be Heroes (2023)   

Paul is curator and host of award-winning LGBTQ+ literary salon Polari and founder of The Polari Prize book awards for LGBTQ+ writers.

In 2016, he featured in the British Council’s Global List of 33 visionary people promoting freedom, equality and LGBT rights around the world.

A Rainbow List National Treasure and former AIDS activist with ACT-UP London, he is one of the subjects of Alexis Gregorys verbatim play Riot Act.

Pauls writing has appeared in The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Time Out and other publications.

He has also written and presented documentaries for Channel 4 and contributes regularly to TV and radio.

Widely anthologised, he recently contributed to First Edition (Dome Press 2020) and Not Quite Right For Us: 40 Writers Speak Volumes (Flipped Eye, 2021).

His memoir We Can Be Heroes is out now.

His podcast We Can Be Heroes is available now.



Author photo by Krystyna FitzGerald-Morris


The Closer I Get

The Black Path




In addition to being the author of 10 books, including four non-fiction titles, I’m also the editor of two short collections and have over 30 years experience as a journalist and editor.


I’ve devised and delivered writing masterclasses for the Guardian, taught online writing classes for inmates at HMP Thameside and run creative writing workshops across the UK.


Many workshop participants have gone on to perform at Polari salon and had their work published or performed at other venues and festivals. 

The workshops run by Paul were a great success and participants engaged well. Delivering remote courses can often be difficult but Pauls strong teaching ethic encouraged many to complete the written exercises to a high standard - Neil Barclay, Librarian, HMP Thameside

“Paul provided me with prompt, insightful and constructive feedback on my novel extract, which was invaluable in helping me to shape the chapter I was stuck on and progress my work. I thoroughly recommend his services” - Michelle Hodgson, Huddersfield Literature Festival 

I cant thank Paul enough for his feedback. It was so helpful and valuable and has made a huge difference. It was so much more than I dared hope for - Catherine Tinkler

If you need help with your manuscript, please contact me HERE

I’m available for telephone or online sessions and written reports.

Prices start at £50 for an hour session (fee payable in advance).


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