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The Hunting Party

Lucy Foley published three historical novels before turning to the dark side. The Hunting Party is her crime debut and has a simple but effective premise. A group of old friends gather in a remote hunting lodge in the snowbound Scottish wilderness to see in the New Year. There’s Miranda, the beautiful but bitchy one, who’s married to handsome Julian. There’s Emma and Mark, Samira and Giles, gay couple Nick and Bo, and single woman Katie. Over the course of a few days, friendships are tested, secrets are revealed and one of the party ends up dead. But which one is it? And who is the person responsible? Suspicion falls on gruff gamekeeper Doug, who has a few secrets of his own. Then there’s co-worker Heather, who came here seeking refuge but is haunted by her past. And what about the mysterious Icelandic couple who nobody knows or was expecting to see? Foley expertly weaves her story from various characters’ points of view and across different time lines, keeping us hooked from the start until the very last page. Just when you think you’ve worked it out, another clue emerges like the bones of animals in the melting snow. It’s a deliciously twisty tale - and hugely addictive. I devoured it in two sittings.  

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