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Call Me A Liar

Call Me A Liar is quite unlike any other crime novel I’ve read. It’s not a police procedural, though at times it reminded me of the pulse racing, mind twisting television series Line of Duty. It’s not about a portrait of a marriage in which one partner may be capable of murder, though sexual jealousy does rear its ugly head. It’s not about a group of friends whose loyalties are tested, or a killer picking people off one by one, though it does have the remote getaway setting in which such tales are often set. It’s the story of a group of people bound together not by friendship but by personal ambition. Five young men and women are handpicked for a dream job, and sent off on a team building exercise on a remote retreat. But someone is lying about who they are and what they’re really doing there. And then one of the group disappears. To say more would risk spoiling the fun. But it’s a tense read that twists and turns in totally unexpected ways. McBeth’s cast of characters are emotionally rich and extremely hard to second guess. The plot is complex and often disturbing - with far reaching consequences. It left my heart racing and my head spinning. You can’t ask for much more than that. 

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