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Pride & Prejudice in Harrogate

Word is out! I’ll be chairing my first ever panel at Harrogate in July. I’ve been attending as a punter since 2017, and last year I hosted a table at the authors’ dinner. But this is the first time I’m on a panel.

I love chairing panels. It’s the journalist in me. I’m naturally nosey and know the value of doing my research. I also know when to go off-piste, forget my planned questions and follow an unexpected but interesting turn in the conversation. I’ve chaired a similar panel to this one before, at the first ever Capital Crime. But this is my first panel at Harrogate and I couldn’t be more excited.

I'll be joined by authors FV Bishop, Alex Dahl, Louise Welsh and Nicola White. We'll be marking the 50th anniversary of the first ever Pride march in England by asking how LGBTQ+ representation has changed in crime fiction. Join us for what promises to be a scintillating conversation.

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