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We Can Be Heroes – the podcast

I'm currently working on the copyedit for my memoir, We Can Be Heroes, which is out next summer.

Meanwhile, I've been busy working on a podcast, linked to the themes of the book, in which I invite a different guest each week to pay tribute to their heroes and heroines. We Can Be Heroes the podcast isn't about me but about my guests. Hearing people wax lyrical about those they admire has been a great privilege – and also very insightful. Often, someone's choice of heroes says a lot about them, and my guests so far have all revealed sides to their character and really bared their souls.

The trailer is available now, with the first episode to follow soon. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please subscribe and help spread the word! Thank you.

Painting of yours truly by Trademark aka Mark Wardel, used with permission.

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